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 Předmět příspěvku: Drinking Traditions
PříspěvekNapsal: ned 29. dub 2012 14:37:34 
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Registrován: pon 05. bře 2012 23:38:59
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Hi folks, I heared that some of you like drinking :>
So I thought it would be a nice idea to share our drinking rituals.

What we drink:
We mostly (like 95%) drink harad'nîn. Intime we say that it is some sort of alcohol from the haradrim (harad + nîn (water)). In reality it's rum + icetea. It's very cheap and due to ice-tea-powder you don't have to carry that much stuff around with you.
When you had to much harad'nîn it might be time to switch over to beer (we call it “rau”).
In addition to that there are some special “drinks” like “Stiefeltrunk” (one could translate it to something like boot-booze). In reality it's just a lot of strong alcoholic stuff, that we mix together for the last evening. The intime story behind that is, that one of the segents of the troop gathers all the alcohol that's left from an evening after an successful fight and fills it into his boots. Then he marches to the next battle, and if this is successful as well, we drink from it. The longer the walk and the harder the fight, the better “Stiefeltrunk” tastes :D

How to mix harad'nîn:
The amount of rum depends on what you are planning to do :P
In general we have 3 kinds of mixtures:
- “Marschmischung” (mixture for marching) not that much rum
- normal mixture, I will describe soon
- “Lichter aus und Magen raus” (turn of the lights and puke), for late evenings
Normal mixture:
Take a 5L can and fill in 1 bottle of rum (0,75l) and then add water to the rest. Add icetea-powder for 4L.
We made a wooden barrel for us, so it's easier to drink. We can fit in 20L, so 4 bottles of rum. On normal evenings we drink like 2-3 barrels:


Drinking sayings:
We do this pretty frequently. Someone shouts the first part, and the others reply.
“Fitgnau” → “Shakhbûrz'ûr” (The final victory → for the dark lord)
“Brogbizgu drushum rau'ishi” → “Nan drushum hul'ishi” →“nar” (we like drowning in alcohol → bur drowning in the river? - no!)
“hul'izgu hul'tala” → “goi'ishi'u” (we flow over the river → into the city)
A lot of our sayings are connected to our backgroundstory, a lot of our mates drowned in the fight for osgiliath.
“matal shakhbûrz'ûr” → “dafrum nadak'ûr” (the dead for the dark lord → the drinking for the soldiers)
“pukhlum globûrz” → “brogbizgu mazauk” (stupid talking → I love war)
There are a lot more, but I can't remember at the moment.

Drinking games:
The most famous one. Two uruk get the same amount of harad'nîn. Then they have to stand on a box, or on a hay bale or something. Other uruk can now start so place bets.
Then one of the sergents shouts “mazauk” and they start to drink as fast as they can. When you are done, you sit down and turn your can around as a prove, that it is empty. If there comes something out of it, you lost. Otherwise you won.
Lugburzanische Runde:
This is played with heavy alcohol 40%+. You drink something from it and keep it in your mouth. Then you pass the can to the next uruk. This is repeated until everybody has something in their mouth. Sometimes as a prove that you have something in your mouth, you have to gargle (make noises).
There are more games, but I don't remember at the moment (maybe I played them to often :D)

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PříspěvekNapsal: pon 02. črc 2012 10:00:51 
girmus (slídil)
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Registrován: pon 29. zář 2008 8:23:06
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Nice! thanx for sharing your drinkink wisdoms with us ::ano ::beer
In our most greatest and ugliest clan Snaga we love drinking and i thing we will have to try some of your customs ( i like the last one whitha strong drink in mouth)
Our glorious and most hateful clan Snaga has its drinking ritual also, we make and drink Stefani, she is our best love, created by dushatar Magua to keep uruks warm and angry and ugly, ist made mostly from strong black tea (we dont use instant but real, not like you western people ::ano ), Slivovice (homemade plump brandy 55%vol. or even stronger) and absinth, spices honey and some moar secret ingredients. she is made in big cauldron, she is hot and jummy and makes you cry (from all that alcohol vapor going to your nose and eyes ::] ), and we drink it whitha big wooden spoon on special ocassions.

"Why don`t you try peeling of your skin?"
Fořťák Gurtugash bagathrular ghaara Snaga rak

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PříspěvekNapsal: pon 02. črc 2012 11:28:44 
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Registrován: pon 05. bře 2012 23:38:59
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to keep uruks warm and angry and ugly,
haha :D

Stefani sounds great, we should give it a try.
Some of our drinking games were played on last PP. Maybe some people can share their experience :D

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PříspěvekNapsal: úte 03. črc 2012 16:50:14 
girmus (slídil)
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Registrován: sob 14. úno 2009 12:05:17
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::beer SCHNAPS!!! ::beer

Nutno dodat, že pití ze sudu je vážně stylová záležitost, zvlášť když kluci říkali, že mají u kamaráda kameníka nasmlouvanou kamenou pípu ve tvaru chrliče z minas morgul ::]

>>(just explaining the minas-morgul faucet thing)<<

Ushatar Zogg Jurgush klanu Râkugaa původně "Loozer"

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